30 minutes of exercise a day usually completes the weight loss trick


Well it does. You heard it right. Studies conducted on losing weight over an appreciable number of people of different profiles clearly suggested to a golden number – 30 minutes a day. Walk, swim, aerobics, sports, social sports, running- whatever you are into, 30 minutes of exercise would do the trick for shedding those extra pounds you always wanted to get rid off!

In fact, 2 groups were chosen for the experiment and divided to complete separate routines every day for three months. Both groups were of moderately overweight men. One group was asked to complete 60 minutes of physical routines, and they could choose their bit of what they did, including extreme exercises or running, while the other group was told to get into a strict 30 minute regime for physical exercise and they were asked to split it preferably into 2 or 3 slots. Well, to everyone’s surprise 30 minutes group in fact shed more kilos than the 60 minutes group. Results indicated that the group with thirty minutes actually lost 2 pounds on an average more than the other sixty minute group. While the 30 minutes group lost an average of 8 pounds over three months, the other group lost only 6 pounds. The overall body mass loss though for both groups was 9 pounds.

The results came as a surprise and everyone wondered why. What could be the reason? Well there was more than one. The group of 60 minutes exercise needed more energy after their bit of exercise and probably ate more, hence lost less weight, while the 30 minutes group who in fact chose to split their bits of exercise sometimes into 2 slots, actually felt fresh for the day with more energy stored within and hence did not require to eat more, and stayed physically more active.

So, overweight adults have to take this as a trick off the hook, and incorporate it as a daily habit. Researches like this bring out great facts contrary to popular beliefs where more exercise would usually mean more weight loss. Well it does not! Let’s be sensible and scientific in our approach to losing the extra bit we want to by incorporating short physical bursts of exercises in our daily routines. Split 30 minutes into 2 or 3 slots and keep the energy going for the day, while losing the calories and the fat.

The results are stored for reading in the American Journal of Physiology.

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