• The ultimate training & nutrition package personalized for you and the goal you want to achieve.
  • Expert guidance from Eric Leto so you know how and when to train (different times of the day, intensity, etc)
  • Personalized meal plan prepared especially for you based on your body type, your lifestyle an the goal you would like to accomplish
  • The Package also includes direction on type of exercise move, resistance size, frequency, number of reps, number of sets, and rest time.
  • Pictures of the correct execution of every single exercise
  • Unlimited contact with me through which I can follow your progress and give you additional advices guaranteed thorough response within 24 hours.

$99.99 USD

(per month)


  • Any questions or inquiries you might have about the training and nutrition processes. Guaranteed response within 24 hours.

$14.99 USD



“If you want to inquire about general knowledge and information or just looking for some advice on training and nutrition but aren’t quite sure if online training is the route for you then be sure to set up a skype appointment with me!

I would be more than happy to answer any questions and help you to figure out a plan of action that is best for you! Whether you are getting ready for a Competition, Wedding, Vacation or any special/specific event you want to look your absolute best for and have questions on where to start and what to do to get you on the right track, then set up a Skype consultation with me!”

Chat to ERIC LETO privately on a webcam consulation to ask him everything he knows about fitness, diet, bodybuilding posing and even acting and modelling. A great way to kickstart your motivation and progress.

15 minutes

$24,99 USD

30 minutes

$48,99 USD


Email me a Cam Appointment with your Contact Information

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Send Payment

Receive Skype Username along with Consultation Time.