My passion and purpose consist in helping and guiding people towards freedom and inner peace. The current challenges of our society take us ever far away from our true nature and decreases significantly our presence with our own body and spirit. In such a way that emotional, psychological and physical suffering arise because we are not in tune with ourselves.

This website is here to remind you of your true power and to bring you back to your true self by consciously listening and embracing your true nature. By accepting who we are and that we are our masters of our life we can continue our journey to a blissful and joyful living.

Sharing our experiences, practices and help you find what resonates best with you. Since back in 2014, I committed ourselves to spiritual practice, such as daily meditation, yoga, plant-based nutrition and mindfulness teachings. I am an both advanced Reiki Practitioners that allowed us to support ourselves and many others find a way out of imbalance and suffering into harmony and healing. It´s very important to note that YOU have the power to heal yourself, no one can heal you besides yourself. I am here to facilitate your journey nothing less and nothing more. Healing takes place when you allow it and take on the tools recommended by the ones living by true joy and bliss.

Be blessed,

Eric & Laureta